Dame Or Duchess? Judi Dench Has An Interesting Connection To The Royal Family, And It's Not Her Victoria Role

Date July 27, 2018

Judi Dench had a meeting with the Duchess of Cornwall, and it's all about her connection to the royal family. Camilla met Judi on July 24th while visiting the Osborne House. The English actress was there to show the Duchess of Cornwall Queen Victoria's former holiday home.


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It turned out that the Hollywood royalty not only played Queen Victoria, she is also a patron of the house that was a private home of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.


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Queen Victoria purchased the Osborne House together with her husband Prince Albert. It was one of her favorite family homes.

By the way, during the meeting, Camilla broke the royal protocol by licking fingers while eating the ice-cream. After seeing that scene, Judi immediately offered the helpless royal a tissue.


Of course, Judi Dench’s playing the role of the Queen is also very important. We have no doubts that the royal family appreciate it a lot. Judi is so talented and elegant she could be the royal by herself. Do you think the same?

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