Kim Kardashian Posted 8th Grade Photo. Does Her Face Look Different Now Because Of Plastic?

Date May 11, 2018

For quite a long time, media has been talking about Kim Kardashian’s love for plastic surgeries. Reportedly, she had a boob job, fillers, and lip plumpers to make sure her famous look is top notch. It is obvious she changed a lot since rising to stardom back in 2007.


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Kim is known as a fan of fillers, and she even tried to self-inject it on the Keeping Up With The Kardashians show.



It is not hard to notice the differences on Kim’s face, especially if to talk about nose and the overall definition and shape of her face.

Recently, Kim posted a photo of herself from the 8th grade. She wrote in caption, “Catholic School Girl 8th Grade.” She looks so different! It is hard to recognize Kim Kardashian in this lovely young girl.

Fans beg Kim to stop doing so many plastic surgeries and are really concerned about the plastification of the reality star’s face and body.

Do you notice any differences in Kim Kardashian’s look?

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Kim Kardashian