Queen Mother Was Secretly Involved Into Charles And Diana’s Marriage. What Was Her Role?

Date September 7, 2018 14:38

Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer got married in 1981. Their wedding was indeed beautiful, and was called the 'fairytale wedding' and the 'wedding of the century'. It was watched by 750 million people from all over the world. Nevertheless, it was not a happy marriage, and it didn’t last for too long. Later, it turned out that Prince Charles was pushed into marriage by someone. Maybe, it was the Queen Mother?


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The Queen Mother was reportedly the one who pushed Charles to marry Diana. In Tina Brown's book, The Diana Chronicles, some previously unknown details were revealed. For example, the fact that the Queen Mother had a conversation with Diana’s father, John Spencer, about his daughter’s private life. While talking to him, the Queen Mother noted that John has raised Diana as a good person, and added it was the right time to think about her marriage.



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The Queen Mother also had a good friend, Ruth Sylvia Roche, who was the maternal grandmother of the Princess of Wales. It is said that these two women engineered the match between their grandchildren, Prince Charles and Diana Spencer.


Of course, they never revealed their true intentions. When asked about whether the matching of their grandchildren really existed, the Baroness Fermoy said in the 1993 interview with Associated Press:

You can say that if you like, but it simply wouldn't be true.

It seems that the Queen Mother played an important role in deciding who Prince Charles should marry.

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