Turned Out She Smiles Sometimes! Victoria Beckham's Rare Photos Are Found

Date June 5, 2018

Victoria Beckham is a successful businesswoman, fashion designer, model, and a singer. She is a loving wife of David Beckham and a devoted mother of four beautiful children. She has already achieved so much!

Nevertheless, she is mostly known as a celebrity who never smiles in public.


For many years fans have been wondering why is she always looks mad and never smiles.

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Recently, Victoria Beckham revealed the real reason for not smiling. In her interview with Vogue, she said:

I feel that I have a responsibility to the fashion community.

While being on the Late Late Show, Victoria said:

People think I’m so miserable! Fashion stole my smile.


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Probably, she is too busy and just has no time for smiling.

But recently, some rare photos of Victoria Beckham smiling were found.


She looks so beautiful with the smile on her face! Wish we could see her doing it more often!


By the way, Victoria started her fashion business back in 2008. Since that time, it was growing and developing rapidly.

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Victoria Beckham