Top London-Based Designer Repents After Claiming Meghan Markle's Wedding Dress Was Plagiarized

Date May 30, 2018

As the world cheered the Duchess of Sussex for her simple and elegant Givenchy wedding dress, most people were unhappy about the gown and chose to make their opinions heard. But one was especially shocking.

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Shocking allegations

Emilia Wickstead, a designer favored by the Duchess of Cambridge, made some serious allegations.


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She reportedly claimed that Clare Waight Keller, Markle's wedding dress designer, had stolen one of her designs.

British gossip site Daily Mail was at the center of the allegations made against Keller and her creation.

Emilia Wickstead's apology

Emilia Wickstead called Markle's dress 'quite loose'.

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However, Wickstead has published a statement on her Instagram page distancing herself from the comments attributed to her. She stated that she had the utmost respect for the Duchess of Sussex.

What does Meghan Markle think?

It is not clear how Markle is taking this rather unfortunate smear on her otherwise beautiful May 19 wedding to Prince Harry.

It is not unlikely that the palace had something to do with the apology, but there is no way to determine this. Since their first official engagement in honor of Prince Charles, she and her husband have been enjoying some quiet.

The same cannot be said of Wickstead who is currently at the center of criticism.

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