Victoria Beckham Reunites With Her Fashionable Mom At A Sotheby's Cocktail Party

Date June 29, 2018

Victoria Beckham is over the distraction of a fluke divorce rumor and back to spending time with family. More than that, she's showing her fans that she knows how to smile.

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Fashion stole her smile

The singer and fashion designer has often come under attack because of her public image. She is rarely caught on camera breaking into a smile even when she's with family.

Her reason for this is quite bizarre. Asked by both Vogue Magazine and the Late Late Show host, James Corden, at separate times why she is hardly caught smiling, she says it's because she has a responsibility to fashion.

She's got smiles

Still, the mom of four is a sucker for her family and comes close to breaking a smile when she hangs out with them. Over the weekend, she hung out with her fashionable parents at a cocktail event at Sotheby's, and she was all smiles.


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Weeks ago, she even broke protocol and used two teary laughter emoticons when she shared a post with her first son, Brooklyn Beckham, after she noticed that he was spotting what looked like his first beard. 

Closet mama bear

Victoria Beckham is really just a closet mama bear like any mom out there, and her children know this. It's okay if she feels so loyal to fashion that she does not see the need to share this part of herself with the fans.

As long as she's happy and the possibilty of a Spice Girls reunion exists, Posh Spice is free to do her thing.

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