Fans Are Going Wild Over This Photo: They Compare A Smiling Prince George With His Grandmother Princess Diana


July 25, 2018 11:58 By Fabiosa

Prince George turned 5 over the weekend, and Clarence House chose to mark the day with a new picture. But fans are having another major Princess Diana moment just by looking at the photo.

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George is no longer camera shy

All the 5-year-old cutie had to do was smile in his usual shirt and short combo.

With just that winning smile, we got to see a different side of the prince who is almost always shy. And naturally, fans could not get enough.

Princess Diana's lookalike

In fact, they loved it so much they had to compare pictures of the handsome youngster with his grandmother.

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Very quickly, the comment section was filled with remarks about the obvious similarities between grandmother and grandson: smile, lips, and all.

The battle of the royal grandkids

Royal enthusiasts live for these moments when they get to relive Princess Diana’s memories, and lately, they’ve had a lot of opportunities to do this.

Most recently, when Charlotte showed up with her parents for Prince Louis christening, anyone could see how much she looked like Princess Diana. It's hard to say who most resembles grandma at this point. What do you think?

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