He's Got Better Dad Jokes Than Obama! See The Hilarious Way Prince Charles Marked Prince William's Birthday

Date June 22, 2018

Prince Charles is reminding everyone that he is most importantly a cheesy dad.


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Prince Charles' cute #TBT

For Prince William's 36th birthday, he chose to embarrass his first son, so to speak. He shared pictures of the two of them as adults via his official Instagram account, Clarence House, and wished him a happy birthday.

But, there was a catch. He asked his followers to "Swipe for a throwback thursday" picture. Low and behold, we got to see a picture of a much shrunken inches-tall William as a baby. Funny!

What does William think?

We would give almost anything to see the Duke of Cambridge's reaction to the baby picture shared by his dad. But that is a long shot, as William is currently knee-deep in royal duties.

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While Kensington Palace marked his birthday online, William was at the Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre in Northampton for its opening ceremony. And in a few days, he'll be off on his Middle East tour. Welp!

No more bad blood

Nonetheless, we love that his father made sure those cute father-son pictures were shared today.


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More than anything else, it tells us they are working on their relationship, which has seen a lot of rocky moments through the years. Cheers to them!

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