Royal Wedding Photographer Alexi Lubomirski Reveals What It Felt Like To Take A Picture Of The Queen For The First Time

Date May 24, 2018 12:53

The first official photographs of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex took by their photographer Alexi Lubomirski were released by Kensington Palace via their official social media handles.

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First official photographs

Three pictures of the couple were shared: one of the couple alone on the steps of Windsor Castle and two within the castle with family and their wedding train.

Despite of the pressure of the church wedding, the family moments were beautifully captured.

Alex Lubomirski talks about photographing the Queen

In their pictures, Harry had his arm around Meghan, and they both had genuine looking smiles on their faces.

Lubomirski said to Gayle King of CBS News in an exclusive interview that he was given just 25 minutes to capture those moments with the couple and the royal family. And he was required to take just 6 photo compositions.

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The ace photographer disclosed that he blanked out when he heard that he would be taking a picture of the Queen.

Ms. King asked if he was allowed to ask the Queen to smile, and he said he was not sure.

His best bet had been to smile at her with the hope that she smiled back.

The Duke and Duchess are regular people

Lubomirski also said that the call to shoot the engagement photos for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had come to him as a surprise.

He confirmed what most people already suspect: Harry and Meghan come across as deeply in love and live very regular lives.

When he is not shooting the royals, the talented photographer is known for charity work and his high-end fashion/celebrity shoots.

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