Sunny Ozell And Sir Patrick Stewart Get Honest About How Their 39-Year Age Difference Affects Their Marriage

Date July 30, 2018

Most famous couples don’t share the awkward details of their first meeting, especially if it was really bad. And they certainly don't get honest about awkward age differences.


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First meeting

But the American singer Sunny Ozell does not mind sharing her experiences meeting the legendary actor, Sir Patrick Stewart, for the first time.


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The pair were introduced when he walked into the Brooklyn club where she was working as a waitress.

Meeting his much older children

A mutual friend got them talking, but first, she was freaked out. Yet, even this or their 39-year age difference did not get in the way of the powerful attraction they felt.


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She told Daily Mail that meeting the actor's children made her very anxious because they were much older than she is.


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Thankfully, they made her feel at ease.

He's friends with her father

But she isn’t the only one with awkward first experiences. Patrick Stewart had his fair share from Ozell’s dad who is 5 years younger than he is.


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The father of the bride was very displeased about the age difference between his daughter and her husband, but he has since come around and now considers his much older son-in-law a friend. Fun fact: he calls him son!

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