Why Has Meghan Markle's Wardrobe Suddenly Gone From Colorful To Bland? Experts Offer A Convincing Clue

Date July 2, 2018

Is Meghan Markle bound by creed to wear only pale, uninteresting colors now that she’s the duchess? From observing Kate Middleton’s wardrobe choices, there’s no reason to believe in this.


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What's with the Duchess?

Still, since Markle debuted her first look as the duchess, she has not deviated from a neutral palette.


She wore a pale pink Goat gown with same-colored accessories for her debut appearance since then, she has followed it with a cream gown, pink off-shoulder suit, and another pink suit just days ago.

Color psychologists have an answer

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An expert in applied color psychology, Karen Haller, offers a believable reason. She says the newly married duchess is using her neutral-colored gowns to communicated that she’s in love and happy.

Are they wrong?

But, there is reason to believe that Markle could be saying other things with her color choices.

For one, it’s easy to see this as a tribute to her late mother-in-law Princess Diana who particularly fancied a power pink suit and black pumps. Which of these theories do you agree with?

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