Camilla Will Discontinue Her Tour Of Wales With Prince Charles For An Unavoidable Reason

Date July 5, 2018 10:17

Prince Charles and Camilla are not done with touring Wales, but for some reason, they will be parting ways days before the trip officially ends.


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Some controversy

Both Charles and Camilla have been in Wales since the week began. This trip is something of a tradition for them. But, this year, their visit has not been without its controversies.


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The decision to name a bridge, the Second Severn Crossing, after Charles was met with widespread criticism from the locals, but they have had a great trip notwithstanding.

Camilla has prior engagements

Interestingly, the royals will not be going home together as is their usual practice. While Prince Charles will stay on in Wales until Friday, his wife will go on without him to London.


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There is a valid reason for breaking up the party, though. The Duchess of Cornwall is expected as a guest at the seminal Fiftieth Anniversary of the Man Booker Prize at Buckingham Palace on Thursday.

Why Charles will miss his wife

That said, Charles will definitely miss Camilla while she's gone, even if it's just for a few days because, apparently, they are still very much in love.


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Body language experts say after more than 40 years together and a massive scandal between them, the feelings they share remain rock solid.

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