Is This The Funniest PDA Attempt Ever? Prince Charles Tried To Still A Kiss From Camilla, But Things Got A Little Awkward

Date June 15, 2018 13:25

Prince Charles is 69, but he's still into giving PDAs to his wife, Duchess Camilla. That said, it does get a little awkward sometimes.


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Republic of Ireland tour

The couple is meant to be on a 4-day tour to the Republic of Ireland, but Charles had to arrive to Belfast without his wife. Camilla joined him the next day at Omagh to pay tribute to victims of a bombing that rocked the town in 1998.

Clearly pleased to be joined by Camilla, he proceeded to kiss her underneath the clear umbrella she was holding.

Desperate for a kiss

However, he had to contend with the brim of her umbrella before he finally ducked his head underneath to get his kiss. It was not the finest moment in PDA history. In fact, it was exactly as weird as a school boy’s first kiss.

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Still, they had to confront yet another awkward situation when they stopped by the local market in Cork to chat with the locals.

A local flirted with Prince Charles!

Camilla had to stand by and listen to one of the locals, Margot Ann Murphy, flirt with her husband. 


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Murphy says she could not stop herself from telling Prince Charles just how handsome he looked.


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Though, the Duchess of Cornwall did not seem to mind at all. She found the compliment funny, and Charles did too.

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