Queen Letizia And Her Husband Face Widespread Criticism For Praising The Trumps After Their Ill-Timed White House Visit

Date June 21, 2018

Queen Letizia of Spain has come under attack for choosing to hobnob with the Trumps in the White House at a time when people are distancing themselves from his immigration policy.

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Ill-timed visit?

The Spanish monarch and her husband, King Felipe VI, were in Washington as part of a 6-day U.S. visit to mark the founding of New Orleans and San Antonio some 300 years ago.


Both American cities have strong Spanish roots, and the royals spent three days visiting them before they showed up at the White House. And while King Filipe held talks with Trump about state affairs, Melania hosted Queen Letizia to tea.

People are offended

Unfortunately, this visit has caused people to be angry at the royals.


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They are shocked that Queen Letizia and her husband spoke glowingly about their time with the Trumps when they should be joining others to criticize his policy.

It does not help at all that King Felipe called it "a great end to a perfect visit."

Are they pro-Trump?

The ill-timed visit is already making people question the stance of the royals on immigration issues, particularly regarding policies that seek to separate children from their parents.


Although people have been making their discontent known online, the royals are yet to respond to the accusations that they are in support of Trump.

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