Do Princess Diana's Close Friends Approve Of Meghan Markle? Sir Elton John Finally Opens Up

Date July 26, 2018 12:11

How did Sir Elton John feel about watching his friend Princess Diana's son walk down the aisle with his mixed-race American bride?

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Does he approve?

The pop star finally got a chance to share his thoughts on the royal wedding months after the fairytale affair, and he has just put us in the mood for a repeat show of May 19.

His verdict? He told CNN in an exclusive interview that the royal wedding was like a party!

Honorary royal

To understand why this is a major endorsement of Prince Harry's bride, you'll need to understand just how close to the royals Elton John is.

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He's an honorary member of the royal family. He basically watched Harry grow up, and remained one of Princess Diana's closest friends and collaborators even during the last few years of her life. And then, he performed at the royal wedding!

Advocacy with Harry

The musician's comment is a clear sign that he approves of Meghan Markle and this progressive step by the royals.

What's more, he recently got to join forces again with Prince Harry at the 2018 International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam, where they both tried to raise awareness of HIV prevention in young men. What do you think?

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