Prince Charles Refuses To Stand As Witness In The Sexual Abuse Trial Of His Bishop Friend For This Outrageous Reason

Date July 25, 2018 13:30

Remember Peter Ball? The British Anglican Bishop convicted in 2015 on sexual abuse charges? Well, it turns out that Prince Charles has been in a position to help with the trial, but refused to do so.

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Longstanding friendship

It's not clear when their friendship began, but the first case against the pedophile Bishop was brought to the attention of the church in 1992. At the time, he was given a caution and was stripped of his Bishop title.

But after a while, he was allowed to officiate events at schools and confirmations. During this time, he and Prince Charles continued to share a loyal friendship.


In 2015, Ball admitted to abusing 18 teenagers and young men between the 70s and the 90s. So it comes as a surprise that Prince Charles has been less than helpful to the many victims who were seeking justice.


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According to the lead counsel to the Anglican investigation, Fiona Scolding, Prince Charles' lawyers advised him not to send the witness statement, which was expected to help the case. They also stated that the pressure placed on Prince Charles by the counsel was "unfair."

"Intensely private and confidential"

Instead, the royal sent an ordinary signed letter, which will be read at the hearing on Friday and will probably have little effect on the case.


Earlier, the prince has claimed that any information regarding his loyal friendship with the Bishop was "private and confidential," and rejected demands to provide any evidence at all.

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