Prince William Broke A Sacred Royal Tradition During His Middle East Tour

Date July 4, 2018 09:57

In June, Prince William became the first member of the British royal family to make an official business trip to Israel and Palestinian Territories.

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A personal visit

Amid calls for a cancellation of the trip because of tensions between Israel and Palestine, the palace issued a statement clarifying the nature of William's visit as a more of a personal one.

And so, while the Duke of Cambridge met with leaders of both countries and made visits to historical sites, his major concern was visiting the burial place of Prince Philip's mother,  Princess Alice, laid to rest in Jerusalem in 1988.

Prince William broke royal protocol

To further emphasize that the visit was not political, Prince William was not expected to give a traditional 'peace' speech.

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However, he went rogue anyway. Touched by the stories of the people he met on both sides of the conflict, he broke royal protocol and rewrote his speech to reflect their political concerns.

Is William in trouble?

This is clearly in violation of the stated royal rule to stay away from politics, particularly in the Middle East.


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Hopefully, going against the Foreign Office could be the start of something new for both countries if it does not land him in serious trouble. Do you agree?

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