Prince William Discovered Something Unexpected About His Great-Grandmother Princess Alice When He Visited Her Tomb In Jerusalem

Date July 19, 2018

Prince William’s trip to the Middle East was officially to meet with leaders of countries in the troubled region, but a journey to a tomb in Jerusalem made this trip significant in an unexpected way.

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Prince William's special visit

This tomb is home to the remains of a family member, Princess Alice of Battenberg and Greece. Alice was his grandfather Prince Philip's beloved mother.

Although she died in London in 1969, she left specific instructions to be buried outside Jerusalem’s walled old city next to her aunt.

Rachel Cohen's story

Prince William had simply gone to pay his respects, but he was in for a shocker.

It’s no secret that his great-grandmother saved the lives of Jews during the holocaust, but he was probably not expecting to hear some very personal stories about her act of bravery.

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William was fortunate enough to meet Philippe Cohen, who helped him understand how Princess Alice risked her life to save his great-grandmother Rachel Cohen by sheltering her from the Nazis.

Alice's life of sacrifice

Her act of bravery is especially remarkable given that she was not only deaf, but suffered schizophrenia for most of her life.

In honor of her example, she has since been awarded Israel’s highest honour for a non-Jew, ‘Righteous Among the Nations’. Now that's a great chance encounter!

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