Jimmy Fallon Tells Donald Trump To Face His Job As President Instead Of Tweeting At Him, And People Think His Clap-Back Is Epic!

Date June 26, 2018

Jimmy Fallon is taking the high road in his war with Donald Trump, but not without aiming a few shots at the President and First Lady.

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Trump vs Fallon

In a recent show, Fallon finally agreed with criticism that he had helped a toxic candidate win the 2016 U.S. election by making him look relatable on his show.

This admittance pissed off Donald Trump so much that he told the comedian to 'be a man' in a Twitter rant.

But, instead of responding to Trump's tweet, Fallon chose to respond on his show yesterday by calling the President the number one fan of The Tonight Show.

Fallon takes the high road

He acknowledged that he had deliberately refused to dignify Trump's tweets with a response, asking the President why he was tweeting at him when there are more important state matters to attend to.

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His comments to the Twitter-loving President have been getting a lot of play online.

Does Melania Trump care?

Yet, none of that is more remarkable than the heads up he gave the First Lady in the course of his monologue on the beef with the President.


Ouch! It's almost certain that Melania will not respond to the comedian, but his statement does hit close to home. Do you agree?

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