Queen Elizabeth Hated This Royal Guest So Much, She Hid Behind A Bush To Avoid Him And His Wife

Date July 17, 2018

It is almost impossible for the Queen to abdicate her responsibilities. She has been a monarch for decades even in ill-health and extreme old age, except of course that one time when she came close to running.


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Weird royal guest

Well, she did not actually run away, but she did have to hide from an obnoxious guest at a party.


This is especially hilarious now, given that she lived through Donald Trump’s working visit without losing her cool.

Hilarious exit strategy

But, in 1978 when the Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu came around for a full state visit to the UK, she could not stand the idea of making small talk with him.

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Royal author Robert Hardman claimed that the Queen hid behind a bush at Buckingham Palace once when she spotted the dictator and his wife walking towards her.

Is she still a great Queen?

But, she managed to perform her royal duties welcoming the tyrant at Victoria Station. She even sat beside him for an entire carriage ride!

Say what you want about the 92-year-old monarch, but when it comes to her office we have to say, she does an exceptional job!

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Queen Elizabeth