Actress Cybill Shepherd Reveals The Strange Things She Felt When She Had A Near-Death Experience

Date August 1, 2018 15:40

In 2015, Cybill Shepherd was a guest on The Today Show where she revealed that she’d had come close to losing her life once. She said this while promoting the faith-based film 'Do You Believe?'

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Why she made the movie

While many actors with the same phenomenal career she’s had, would stay away from making a 'career-suicide' movie, Cybill stucks to her guns.


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The film was especially important because she could connect to it on a personal level.

Her near-death experience

She told TODAY that the script made her cry. But more than that, she revealed that she had had a near-death experience of her own as well. 


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According to her, she was so keenly aware of the strange reality that she felt her “soul went up to a star.” But, she willed herself back to real life because of her three children.

Sharon Stone has had one too

The former beauty queen and 'Taxi Driver' star may be one of the few Hollywood stars bold enough to take on scripts that speak to their faith, but she isn’t the only one with a near-death experience story.

When Sharon Stone made an appearance on Oprah, she talked about a long-ago near-death experience that had left her feeling utterly peaceful and full of wellbeing. Do you believe that out of body experiences are real?

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