What's Going On With The Queen's Health? Ministers Are Secretly Rehearsing Plans For The Days After Her Death

Date July 2, 2018 16:52

Big decisions are being made about the British monarchy as news about the Queen's health becomes even more mysterious.


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No-show Queen

Just days ago, the official Twitter handle of the royal family shared news that the Queen had opted out of a service to mark the 200th Anniversary of the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George.

The Duke of Kent had to represent his mother and the palace confirmed reports about her health by stating that she was 'under the weather'.

Mysterious Whitehall exercise

And now, amid news that the monarch is unwell, the ministers have taken charge of plans for the days following the potential death of the Queen.


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Even more concerning, they led a secret Whitehall exercise to prepare for 10 days of national mourning. And yet, a report on Sunday Times claims this was not directly linked to concerns about the Queen's health.

Life after the Queen

The rehearsal, code-named “Castle Dove” is the first time both palace officials and government ministers have met in the same room to go over plans concerning the 92-year-old monarch's death.

Queen Elizabeth has enjoyed relatively stable health throughout her active reign. We hope she recovers in good time.

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