Trump Shade? Stormy Daniels Wants To Visit Immigrant Children Separated From Their Parents In Texas

Date June 22, 2018

Trump's thoughless immigration policy is making an unlikely hero out of his controversial ex Stormy Daniels. The adult film star wants to help children separated from their parents.


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A big faux pas

This is especially bad for Mrs. Trump who recently chose to throw herself under the bus.


Just after her husband issued an executive order ending the forced separation, she visited a center where the children are being cared for in Texas.


For some unclear reason, Melania chose to wear a Zara jacket with the words, 'I really don't care, do you?' written behind it.

Stormy Daniels 1, Melania Trump 0?

Her ill-timed statement left people confused and naturally, Stormy Daniels swooped in at just the right time.

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While the scandal between Donald Trump and Ms. Daniels remains unsolved, the adult film star has told fans that she is putting her resources together to help the children in Texas and will be visiting them next week.

She really does not care

Whether or not the First Lady recognizes it, she's got herself a nemesis. This is quite unfortunate because she remains in support of her husband in the face of blinding evidence against him.


In the past, Melania has defended her husband's integrity amid sexual harassment allegations and with the case of Stormy Daniels, her answer remains the same. She believes in Donald Trump.

Is she doing the right thing?

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