Why Jodie Foster Openly Celebrates Her Son's Shyness: "I Can Promise You He Will Never Be An Actor”

Date August 6, 2018

As a child star, Jodie Foster early exposure to Hollywood turned her into a different kind of celebrity parent.

Jodie Foster is wary of fame

When foster and her first wife Cydney Bernard had their sons Kit Bernard Foster, 16, and Charles Bernard Foster, 20, she was determined to protect them from fame.

And, it’s not just her children she tried to protect. She has also done her best through the years to make dealing with fame easier for actors like Kristen Stewart, Seth Green and Claire Danes.

All of them, child stars she’s had to work with through the years.

She's certain her youngest has no future in Hollywood

While promoting her latest film Hotel Artemis, she told The Guardian that she had not changed her mind about keeping her sons away from the Industry.

With a 52-year successful career and tons of connections to help her sons become stars themselves, the proud mum said she was glad her younger son was not interested in acting. "My younger son is really shy and I can promise you he will never be an actor.”

Her oldest son has caught the bug

But, she's not been so successful with her dream of giving them a healthy cynicism about fame. For her older son, she concedes that he has already caught the bug and is looking forward to a career in acting.

Interestingly, she does not feel upset by this or consider it a failure. She is glad that he is coming to acting as an adult. Is she just a tad over-protective?