"He's Not A Baby Anymore!" Amy Roloff Shares Adorable Present She Got For Grandson Jackson


May 18, 2018 16:45 By Fabiosa

Reality star Amy Roloff is all about family, especially on social media. She keeps fans updated regularly by posting photos on Facebook and Instagram. And this time around, she's celebrating her little grandson, Jackson.


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Proud mom and grandma

Mom of four Amy Roloff has a lot of fun spending time with her grandkids. The little cuties are a constant on her Instagram page, and we cannot get enough of all the adorableness.


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Her kids get some attention as well. A few days ago, on her twin boys Jeremy and Zachary's birthday, Amy shared the sweetest birthday dedication.

My life forever changed when you two arrived in my life.


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She went on to wish them a happy birthday and expressed her pride in the men they have become today.

It's Jackson's birthday

Jackson, born to Zachary and Victoria Elizabeth, turned one on the 12th of May. His grandma apparently forgot to add a special book to his birthday gifts. 

Amy recently posted about this while sharing a photo of the little one holding a book, titled "I Wish You More."

I’ll love my grandson of mine forever and always.

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In the caption, she mentioned how Jackson is "not a baby anymore," while sharing her birthday wishes for him.

All about family

It's safe to say that Amy Roloff's social media presence is dedicated to her family. From photos of her kids to those of her grandkids, she proudly showcases them to the world.

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And we're not complaining. Who wouldn't want to be surrounded by all that cuteness? Happy birthday, Jackson!

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