Amy Roloff Talks About The Special Trait Her Sons, Jeremy and Jacob Have That She 'Envies'


July 11, 2018 18:48 By Fabiosa

Say what you will about the Roloffs, one thing is for sure, this is one family that puts togetherness and unity above everything else.

Their 4th of July celebration

To celebrate the United States Independence Day, the family came together to enjoy a picnic.

Everyone was all smiles and it was truly a wholesome moment to remember.

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Amy Roloff shared a bunch of photos from the day and her fans were absolutely loving it.

So what unique trait makes the matriarch a little envious?

The Little People Big World star revealed in the comment section of that post that she just cannot get enough of sons Jacob and Jeremy's hair.

Many of Amy's fans commented about the great head of hair that both men have.

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The reality star responded to one of them saying she wished she had her sons' type of hair.

Nothing to be jealous of

Upon seeing Amy's reply, some commenters declared that she had great hair as well. In fact, one of them was positive that the boys got their hair from their mama.

We absolutely agree, Amy, like the rest of her family, is absolutely beautiful.

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