Did She Go Too Far? Fans Were Not Too Pleased With Jennifer Lopez's Recent Revealing Instagram Photo

Date July 23, 2018 18:04

Jennifer Lopez is definitely not shy when it comes to showing off her stunning body for the gram. However, some think she may have taken things a little too far this time. 


This isn't a first

A couple of months ago, the 48-year-old singer showed off her curves as she was taking some Instagram selfies at the gym. Her sports bra certainly revealed more than some people were comfortable with, but J-Lo didn't seem to mind. 

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The Maid in Manhattan star caused a bit of buzz at the time and judging from a recent snap, she'd definitely do it again. 

J-Lo at the gym

This time around, the actress rocked a similar nipple-baring white sports bra and printed pants. The style was the same as the last one, but her pants were of a different design. 

Again, her fans shared their opinion in the comments section. And as one might expect, some were not very approving of her style.

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In fact, some outrightly body-shamed her with one commenter declaring, "Ur nipples are visible ... cover it girl." Another Instagram user, @avrilbeer04 agreed saying, "Put a bra on."

Love it or leave it, Jennifer Lopez sure has one great bod for a woman turning 49 on July 24th. She's clearly comfortable with how she looks and what she wears. And obviously, she has no time for those shamers. 

Most people adore her

It's a good thing that J-Lo has such devoted fans. Even though there were a couple of people hating on her clothes, her die-hard fans were there to show some love. 


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@mumbimusiq said, "My dream body. My role model," while @sisy_sayachack_hernandez added, "this workout outfit is everything!!! My queen!"


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As a celebrity, it's kind of hard to post something that pleases everyone. And the same rule applies to them as to the rest of us - as long as you're happy and comfortable, there's no need to entertain the haters. Go J-Lo and happy birthday in advance!

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