Camilla Parker Bowles Actually Supported Prince Charles' Marriage To Lady Diana, And She May Have Had An Ulterior Motive For It

Date September 3, 2018

Happily never after: Prince Charles and Princess Diana were miserable throughout their marriage

Prince Charles and Princess Diana were married for 15 years, and we all know their marriage didn’t end well. Although it’s impossible to know what was really going on inside their heads, but, by all accounts, their married life wasn’t happy to begin with.


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According to biographers and other people with some 'inside knowledge', Prince Charles was pressured into marrying Lady Diana Spencer. By some accounts, the whole relationship was just for show.


As it became known at one point in their marriage, Prince Charles had never broken it off with his now-wife, Duchess Camilla, before he married Lady Diana. What was Camilla’s role in all this? What did she think of Princess Diana?


Camilla Parker Bowles didn’t think much of Lady Diana

Prince Charles and his sweetheart, Camilla, were in love with each other, but couldn’t make their relationship official and get married. According to sources, Camilla was fine with Prince Charles’ potential marriage to Lady Diana.


Camilla didn’t see Lady Diana as a serious rival. According to one of Princess Diana’s biographies, The Diana Chronicles, written by Tina Brown, even Camilla's former in-laws knew it.

Richard Parker Bowles, Camilla’s former brother-in-law, said:

Camilla supported Charles and Diana’s relationship from the start, as she thought Diana was clueless, and Camilla didn’t see her as a threat.


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Why Prince Charles ultimately married Lady Diana

Prince Charles ultimately decided to marry Lady Diana, but it’s quite possible it wasn’t even his own decision. According to the book, Prince Charles chose Lady Diana as his future wife because it was the Queen’s will.


In the end, this decision made a lot of people unhappy. Anyway, Prince Charles is now married to the woman he truly loves and has loved for a very long time, and maybe we should stop judging him for it.

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