Off To A Rocky Start: The Way Prince Charles Proposed To Lady Diana Was An Early Sign Of Trouble

Date September 3, 2018

Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ marriage wasn’t a smooth ride

We all know that Princess Diana’s marriage to Prince Charles was rocky. What looked like a fairytale at the start, quickly turned into a nightmare for both of them.


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By the time the couple got divorced in 1996, their marriage was destroyed by scandals, mutual accusations, and infidelity on both sides. It was hard for them to put on a show when there was nothing left in this relationship but bitterness.


But was the whole marriage just a pretense? Or were Princess Diana and Prince Charles in love when their marital life just started? The words the future king said to Lady Diana when he asked her to marry him may give us a hint at his real feelings.


What Prince Charles said to his future wife Diana when he proposed

Prince Charles proposed to Lady Diana Spencer in February, 1981. According to biographers, including Andrew Morton, the author of Diana: Her True Story, the conversation went down a little awkwardly.

Prince Charles said:

Will you marry me?

Diana laughed in disbelief, thinking it was a joke. But she quickly composed herself and said “Yes!”

Prince Charles said, coldly:

Do you realize that one day you will be queen?

Diana said:

Yes! I love you so much, I love you so much.

Charles reply, mysteriously:

Whatever ‘love’ means…

Diana was understandably hurt, but she didn’t show it.


The couple tied the knot on July 29, 1981. Their marriage lasted for 15 years until its bitter end in 1996.


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How and why the marriage ended

There have been speculations that Prince Charles never loved Diana, and only married her because she was a 'suitable companion', as she was a member of nobility. Both Princess Diana and Prince Charles were unhappy in their marriage, and their relationship became even more strained after Princess Diana learned about her husband’s affair with Camilla Parker Bowles.


Anyway, here’s something we can be happy about: the couple’s children, Prince William and Prince Harry, are both happily married now.


Prince William is a proud father of three, and it’s quite reasonable to expect his younger brother to become a dad soon. It seems the two princes learned from their parents’ mistakes.

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