Queen Elizabeth's Glasses Have A Little Secret. Can Your Glasses Do This?

Date June 8, 2018

The Queen is quite a fashionista! The British monarch has been delivering lessons on how to dress properly for every occasion throughout her reign. And while maybe bright magenta is not something you’d wear, there are some things you can learn from the Queen.

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British monarch’s style lessons

1. Don’t be afraid of color.

The Queen’s favorite trick is wearing brightly-colored outfits. It actually has a specific purpose as wearing vibrant garments is the way to differentiate the Queen from the commoners. So if you want to stand out – try on that bright pink dress you’ve been staying away from.

2. Make a hat your statement piece.

Although wearing a hat is a tribute to the old tradition that permitted women to show their hair in public, the Queen turned her hats into a signature piece, at least before the tiaras come out. Find your statement piece and wear it as your crown jewel.

3. Timeless elegance.

Grunge, preppy, boho - all those styles come and go, but elegance always stays on trend. Take your cue from the monarch’s sophisticated style and put good grooming and classic garments first. From the length of a dress to the lipstick – everything should be on point.

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The secret behind the Queen’s glasses

It doesn’t happen always, but sometimes, convenience can meet fashion. From garden parties to the races, the Queen can be always seen wearing her sunglasses.


However, her eye-wear is not only stylish, it is also practical. Like many grandmothers, the monarch knows the value of photochromic lenses – clear eyeglasses that transition to sunglasses when activated by the sun's UV rays.


You can see how her glasses look clear at first. But then, they turn into a darker shade.


Can your glasses do this? They should!

Protection from sun's UV rays is very important for your eyes. Various eye problems, like certain types of cataracts and sunburn that increases skin cancer, have been associated with overexposure to UV radiation.


So, make sure to take the Queen’s example and always wear your sunglasses when you are out in the sun.

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Queen Elizabeth