Social Media Users Found Ukrainian Woman Who Looks Almost Identical To Meghan Markle!

Date June 11, 2018 12:38

Meghan Markle is such a beautiful woman! It's not a surprise other women want to look like her. But one lucky female actually does look like her without any cosmetic surgeries involved.


As it turns out, the Duchess of Sussex’s facial features are not so unique. Social media users found a woman who loos almost exactly like Meghan.

The young lady comes from Ukraine, and her name is Irina Grischuk. She loves traveling and creating, and by profession Megan's double is a stylist.

How does the Megan Markle’s double look like?

Meghan’s love story slightly reminds us of Cinderella (or Grace Kelly). The talented actress married her own Prince Charming and became the Duchess of Sussex. The whole world is still talking about it because stories like that don’t happen that often.

However, the burden of Meghan’s popularity is now shared by her Ukrainian double. People on the web are discussing the incredible similarities between the Duchess and Irina Grischuk.

The beautiful women look so similar that some social media users call them twins. However, if almost everyone knows every detail about Meghan, there is very little known about Irina. We felt like we need to improve the situation and get to know Irina better.

Who is Irina?

Grischuk was born in Odessa, like her husband Denis. Yes, the heart of this beauty is already taken. When she met the love of her life, she immediately realized he was the person she wants to fall asleep with and wake up to every day.

Although when they first met, Irina and Denis had been both in relationships with different people, it didn’t stop them from creating a strong family.

The couple has been together for less than a year. When Odessa becomes boring, cold and gray, the pair packs their suitcases and rushes to meet new adventures.

Web users noticed that Irina is very similar to Prince Harry’s wife. The oval of her face, the length and color of her hair, the figure, the height, the lips, the eyes, the eyebrows – everything looks quite identical to the Duchess.

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