Kate Had to Wait Far Longer For The Same Honor Meghan Gets From The Queen

Date June 8, 2018

The new Duchess of Sussex and the Queen are joining together for a road trip. It will be the first time Meghan will appear solo with the monarch. This is an incredible honor for the Duchess, but how long did Kate have to wait for the same treatment?

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Meghan and the Queen will make a public appearance together next week on 14 June. The Royals will travel to Cheshire for the opening of the Mersey Gateway Bridge, as well as other activities, including the opening of the Storyhouse Theatre in Chester.


It was only last month when Meghan and Harry had their wedding but the Duchess of Sussex is already joining the Queen by herself. But how long the monarch’s another granddaughter-in-law, Kate, had to wait for the same honor?

The Duchess of Cambridge first made an appearance with the Royal Family in March 2012. This was almost a year after she married Prince William in April 2011. Kate was not alone, she joined the Queen and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, when the trio attended Fortnum & Mason together.

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It seems that Meghan and the monarch’s day out is happening a little bit too early. However, the Queen appears to be very fond of her new relative. It was reported in May that Her Majesty even has a picture of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in her office.

Does this mean the Queen like Meghan more than Kate? It’s hard to say. But she definitely favors her youngest grandson.


The reason behind it might be because when Princess Diana died, she felt like becoming a mother-figure for the young Harry. No wonder the two have a very special relationship.

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