Meghan Markle Seems To Be Keen On Breaking Another Royal Tradition. Together With The Queen, They Might Have A Ride On The Royal Train

Date June 8, 2018 11:22

The Duchess of Sussex is a rightful member of the royal family. Now, she can’t just bail on her royal duties. And the woman seems to be treating them with due respect and responsibility. Very soon, she is said to join the Queen on a journey. It will be their first joint trip.


What is more, Meghan is said to be the first non-senior member of the royal family to ride the famous royal train. Before that, only the royal seniors were granted such an honor.

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The train itself consists of nine carriages, but they rarely are used all together. The train is equipped with everything the Queen might need during a journey. There are even a full-size tub and a 12-seat dining table.


And what’s notable, Kate Middleton had to wait for a joint journey with the Queen for much longer than Meghan. Once again, a train ride is another thing Kate Middleton hasn’t been offered to do as yet.



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What’s the reason for such noble gestures on the part of the Queen? It’s still a mystery, but let’s explain it by the fact Kate is too busy with Prince Louis now.

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