Donald Trump Humiliates Hillary Clinton And Barack Obama In An Instagram Video

Date June 8, 2018

Hillary Clinton says she was depressed after losing to Donald Trump in the presidential elections. However, she admits it was really hard to overcome the depression that developed in the result.

The only thing that appeared to be helpful was yoga and special breathing practices. All together, they gave Hillary strength to overcome the tension and get back to a normal life.

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What’s more, after she made her technique public, lots of people started practicing it.

It seems the time has long gone, but as a matter of fact, everything only starts. The Trump-Clinton conflict seems to have no end, especially after the US President attacked Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in his Instagram video.

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He compares their gloomy and Trump-criticizing interviews with the excerpts from the TV news, saying Trump’s actions do lots of good for the country.


Digging deeper, lots of people saw in the video the obvious revenge in response to Hillary’s tweets about Donald's immigrant's policy.


Whether it’s true or not, it’s very low of the President to publicly humiliate his opponents. Isn’t it?

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