Secret Talent Of Prince George Uncovered: It Doesn’t Come From His Father, But The Grandfather, Prince Charles

Date June 11, 2018 18:08

When it comes to the royal kids, the society wants to know practically everything about them, and their talents and hobbies don’t make an exception. It’s been revealed long ago, Prince George is into all kinds of sports like his father, Prince William.

During one of the events, Kate Middleton has opened up about what her son likes doing in his free time. So, among his favorite activities, there are football, tennis, and skiing. People close to the family say Prince George is pretty good at these activities.


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Now, in addition to sports, it becomes clear Prince George is into drawing as well. Recently, the little one has been spotted with his drawing during his father’s polo match. The picture had a carefully colored exploding volcano in it as well as lots of other details such as pathways and trees.


However, this hobby doesn’t come from his father but rather a mother, Kate Middleton, who likes drawing herself. Or even his grandfather, Prince Charles. There are records of his love for drawing and painting when being small.

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Princess Charlotte, in her turn, seems to take a lot after her grandmother, Princess Diana. The girl is known to be into dancing as well as Lady Di. Sources say Princess Diana was not only into ballet but also into tap dancing and jazz. She even danced a duet with Wayne Sleep at the Royal Opera House.

And even though Princess Charlotte won’t have a chance to meet her granny, a part of her soul and talents will always be with the girl.



Well, talented kids are talented in everything!

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