Are Spice Girls Back? Emma Bunton Finally Has An Awesome Update For The Band's Fans

Date June 7, 2018

Ever since Spice Girls’ last performance 10 years ago, rumors have been swirling about their reunion. This year, a few sources said the band members planned to get back together and make an appearance in the United States.

But shortly after the rumors sparkled, Victoria Beckham revealed the information was not true. As Posh Spice said regarding the planned tour:

I’m not going on tour. The girls aren’t going on tour.


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But now, it looks like there’s still some hope. In the recent interview with ‘This Morning’, Emma Bunton, also known as Baby Spice, confirmed that a reunion was in the works. Currently, the band is planning to lend their voices to an animated superhero movie. As she added:

It's something we are talking about. The opportunities we get given, it's amazing. There is so much excitement, it's just about making sure it's the right thing.


Will Victoria Beckham be involved in the reunion?

Bunton has answered this question as well. She is sure the fashion icon will be involved, as it is high time for the band members to bring everything back.


Besides, Emma had more exciting news for her fans. As it turns out, Baby Spice is now working in the studio, recording a new solo music.

We’re sure many people will be excited, getting to know the news about an animated superhero film. Fans from all over the world still love this band and rush to various social media platform to comment on every rumor.

So, Emma’s new solo album, a movie, or a tour will be very welcomed anyway.

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