'What Is She Wearing?' Jennifer Lopez Wears A Crazy Outfit On Jimmy Kimmel's Show

Date June 7, 2018

Can you believe that Jennifer Lopez is almost 50? At 48 and after giving birth to two children, the singer can boast about an incredibly fit figure and stunning skin. The beauty looks completely wrinkle free, especially with her flawless makeup on.


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Having never-ending legs and curvaceous figure, the singer and dancer can’t help but show off her body in her outfits. Just take a look at one of the recent snaps of Jennifer rocking a red mini dress.


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But sometimes, her choices of outfits can be questionable. Lopez appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s show in a long-sleeved crop top and leggings with a $100 print on them, which caused confusion among her fans, who continually commented on her photo ‘What is she wearing?’


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Still, we can’t deny that the 48-year-old played her hourglass frame in this ensample, showing off her long legs and thin waist.

As for the interview, Jennifer and Jimmy discussed NBA finals, the singer’s boyfriend Alex Rodrigues, and their competitive relationship. Check out the video below:

By the way, what do you think about Lopez’s outfit?

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