Queen Decided Nobody Should See Royal Family Documentary That Princess Anne Hated So Much. Why?

Date November 16, 2018 09:27

There exist numerous documentaries devoted to the British royal family. But did you know there’s one the Queen doesn’t want anybody to see?


According to Express, back in the late 1960s, the royals were filmed for an entire year, and the movie titled Royal Family was produced and aired on BBC. 37 million people were lucky to watch it.


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However, some were disappointed getting to know intimate details of Elizabeth II’s life that would be seen as quite trivial today. For example, some viewers were surprised when the Queen was shown storing food in Tupperware containers.


Besides, Princess Anne hated the movie, revealing that she never liked the idea of it in the first place. As a royal child, she was getting much media attention, so the princess didn’t want any more.


The Queen realized that being too normal was dangerous, so she ordered BBC not to show the intrusive documentary again. But you can still find short clips from it. In 2011, parts of the movie were included in another BBC documentary, The Duke.

As for the entire movie, it’s highly unlikely it will be aired again, though those who are fans of the royal family would definitely like to get more insight into the royals’ life.

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