Grace And Elegance! Marilyn Monroe's Instagram Account Posts A Never-Seen-Before Photo Of The Actress

Date June 8, 2018

On June 1, legendary sex symbol and famous actress Marilyn Monroe would have turned 92. Unfortunately, as we all know, the beauty died in 1962 of barbiturate overdose. But still, after all these years, people can’t help but celebrate the blonde bombshell.


On the memorable day, Marilyn’s official Instagram page posted a touching tribute to the late actress, sharing a video containing some of the most iconic pictures of her. They also wrote a heartwarming caption:

Today we celebrate the birth of an icon, a muse, the one and only Marilyn Monroe.


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Monroe’s fans and admirers from all over the world rushed to the social media platform to celebrate her birthday and send congratulations and warm words. But this doesn’t mean that her Instagram page posts only on specific dates related to important events in the actress’ life.


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For example, on June 8, they shared a rare photo of the American beauty that had never been seen before. In the black-and-white picture taken by Milton H. Greene, Marilyn is posing in a white dress and stunning hair accessories.


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We are totally getting some princess vibes from this snap!

Although the world lost the great talent more than 50 years ago, she’s still with us due to these pictures and things inspired by her. Her life story is depicted in numerous films, books, and articles.


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And she even inspired the creation of a unique jewelry brand, ‘M. Monroe’. Just take a look at these gems:


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The brand’s goal is to give a voice to the next generation of modern women and to support them in making own mark in the history.

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