Funny Life Twist: Patrick Stewart Is 5 Years Older Than His Father-In-Law, But He Still Calls The Actor "His Son"

Date July 31, 2018

The age gap is not an obstacle for a happy family. We have a lot of such examples among celebrities. The Star Trek legend, Patrick Stewart, is a vivid proof.


“My father-in-law is 5 years younger than me”

Patrick Stewart is 78, but it looks like he hasn’t changed a lot after decades. Fans will always love him for playing Captain Jean-Luc Picard in the iconic Star Trek.

But a personal life of the actor is no less twisted as that of his screen characters. Patrick is married to a woman who is 39 years younger than he. His wife is a singer and songwriter, Sunny Ozell. It’s the third marriage to Stewart.

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When you marry a woman much younger than you, it’s pretty common that you’ll have to deal with some, let’s just say… age gap issues.

Don’t worry! Patrick and Sunny are really happy together. Moreover, the actor has good relationships with her family. But there is one funny thing considering Stewart’s father-in-law.

He is 5 years younger than the actor. Nevertheless, it doesn’t stop him from calling Patrick Stewart a “son.” How sweet is that?

According to the Daily Mail, Patrick and his father-in-law were not initially fond of each other, but after a while, these two managed to become friends.

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The actor said:

He rings me up and says, ‘Hey son, it’s your father here.’

Happy couple

Patrick and Sunny married in 2013 after 5 years of dating. He was a world-known star, while she just began her singing career in the jazz clubs of New York.



Despite a 39-year age difference, the lovebirds could make the things work. They both felt a powerful attraction on the day they first met.

Sunny was working as a waitress in New York at that time. Patrick came at the restaurant she’s been working in, their eyes met, and at that point, their beautiful love story began.

The couple had a simple but still wonderful wedding with Sir Ian McKellen performing at the ceremony.

As you may see, age is just a number. When two people love each other, their social status or age gap can’t separate them.

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