Just Like Father And Son! Prince Harry Gives A Touching Hug To His Late Mom's Good Friend Sir Elton John

Date July 30, 2018 10:58

Prince William and Prince Harry have always portrayed their love for late Princess Diana in the most sincere way possible. Both brothers are also pretty close with one of Diana’s best friends, Sir Elton John.

We are not body language experts but decided to take a try and analyze Prince Harry and Elton John’s relationships during their recent public appearance. That’s pretty interesting!

What a hug!

Recently, Harry and Elton John appeared together at the International Aids Conference in Amsterdam. The Conference had a noble mission - to launch a global organization aimed to help HIV patients.



Just like his late mother Princess Diana, Prince Harry is working hard to generate the AIDS awareness worldwide.

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The Duke of Sussex also shares a connection with the good friend of Diana, Sir Elton John. The superstar even performed at Harry and Meghan's wedding luncheon in May.

But we noticed that Harry and Elton’s relationships are more than just formal, they behave like really close friends.

Just take a look at this photo taken at the conference. The singer hugs Harry like his own son. There is no need to be a body language expert to realize that these two are pretty close not just in the public.


Perhaps, it has something to deal with Elton’s connection to Princess Diana. The singer feels like he is responsible to be a supporter of her children, William and Harry. In our personal opinion, it’s just great to have such a mentor as Sir John.

Emotional speech

Prince Harry is a talented speaker, but the words he addressed to Sir Elton John during his emotional speech at the conference make our hearts melt.

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Harry said:

I am honored to be sharing the stage with someone who has always put people at the center of his work, Sir Elton John.


Sir Elton also addressed to delegates:

If we want to end AIDs once and for all, we must make men part of the solution.

Diana would be proud of her wonderful sons and her good friend. Her legacy will keep living due to these noble men.

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