Meghan McCain Has Some Harsh Words To Say To The Popular Actor Who Criticized Her Sick Father

Date May 17, 2018

John McCain’s family keeps on fighting against people who criticize senator amid his health issues. McCain’s daughter Meghan has some harsh words to say to the actor Kumail Nanjiani for his offensive comments about her dad.

John McCain’s daughter defends her ill father

One month ago, John McCain’s family revealed that senator had to undergo an emergency surgery for complications arising from his brain tumor. It was not the first time the politician was diagnosed with cancer, but earlier, he could conquer the disease.

On April 17, Megan McCain announced on Twitter that her father is in stable condition and doing well after the surgery.

Earlier these days, it was revealed the McCain family felt outraged after the sharp comment made by the White House special assistant, Kelly Sadler, during a closed-door meeting. Sadler commented on senator’s health condition:

It doesn’t matter, he’s dying anyway.

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McCain’s wife and daughter reacted immediately to the sharp words.

However, the wave of controversial comments hasn’t stopped yet. Kumail Nanjiani expressed his negative opinion on senator’s policy with a rather harsh message. The actor stressed that McCain did not do enough to fight against racism during his time in the Senate.

Meghan McCain responded immediately and stood by her father’s side by sharing a video of McCain defending Obama against racist claims during the 2008 election. Meghan addressed to Nanjiani via Twitter:

You know nothing about my family or my father, Kumail, nothing!

Need to say that after Meghan’s sharp response, Kumail Nanjiani apologized to senator’s family.

Meghan, I did not mean to offend you.

It goes without saying John McCain is a lucky man for having such a great army of supporters. We wish senator to recover soon and stay in good spirits.

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