Prince Charles Opens Up About Queen Elizabeth As A Mother. What Are Their Relationships Inside The Palace Walls?

Date July 23, 2018

Have you ever thought about how the members of the royal family communicate aside from the public eyes? What does their life look like inside the palace walls? Maybe, they also enjoy movies with ice-cream or discuss their daily routine, like the rest of us.  

Prince Charles, the Duke of Cornwall, opens up about Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth as a mother. What are their relationships in real life?


How the Queen inspired Prince Charles

It’s a common truth that children often find inspiration in their parents and follow in their ancestors’ footsteps. The royals are not an exception.

Prince Charles was interviewed by BBC presenter Adam Frost, and in the course of their candid conversation, he said how his mother inspired him in life.

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It was Her Majesty who helped her son develop his longtime mission to save the planet. Charles recalled when he and his sister Anne were kids, they enjoyed cultivating their own plants in the Buckingham Palace garden.

I remember being absolutely riveted as a child wandering about looking at all the plants.



The Duke of Cornwall, who is now 69, still has those memories from his childhood when the plants, their smell, everything around had a profound effect on him.

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After so many years, Charles still doesn’t lose his passion for gardening and praises his mother, the Queen, for giving him inspiration.

Prince Charles is not shy to declare his feelings to mother

Though the monarchs are not fond of expressing their feelings in public, sometimes, they break the royal protocol (for a good reason, of course).


Do you remember the Queen’s 92nd birthday? It was a huge party, and thousands of people were invited to the Royal Albert Hall in London.

But the best moment during the whole celebration came when Prince Charles stepped out to deliver his festive speech in front of the big audience. His Highness called the Queen “Your Majesty, Mummy!”

Isn’t it sweet? We think it’s great when the royals, and especially men, are not shy to declare their love and respect to parents.

Great job, Prince Charles! The Queen must be really proud of raising such a great son.

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