Royal Family Wants To Show Us A Brand New Film About Buckingham Palace. How Do The Monarchs Live Behind The Palace Walls?

Date July 25, 2018 15:49

For everyone who got tired of watching The Crown, Downton Abbey, or even The Game of Thrones, we have a great alternative. A new film showing the life of the British royals behind the palace walls is coming to the big screen.

A new film about the British royals is on the way

It’s not a secret that there is a great number of documentaries describing all the tiny details of the monarchs' lives. If the members of the royal family receive remuneration every time their lives have been portrayed on screen, they will probably outperform most of the Hollywood A-list actors.

Unlike most other films about the British monarchs, Reservicing Buckingham Palace: Mapping the Palace is focused not on the lives of the royals but on the palace itself.

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Will you watch it?

Another film the royal family doesn’t want us to see

Among a great number of documentaries, there is one the Queen doesn’t want anyone to see. Did you know that back in the 1960s, the British monarchs were filmed for an entire year?

The film titled Royal Family was aired on BBC, and 37 million people were lucky to watch it at that time.

However, soon, Her Majesty realized that being too much open to the public eyes is not as great as it seems. The Queen ordered BBC not to show the movie again.

We are so excited to get inside the walls of the Buckingham Palace, at least by means of the new film. It’s really intriguing, do you agree?

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