For Everyone Who Loves Dustin Hoffman! See How The Most Handsome Actor Of ‘The Graduate’ Looks Like Today, After 50 Years

Date July 20, 2018 14:19

Dustin Hoffman doesn’t have to worry about his appearance. Thanks to his iconic role of Benjamin Braddock in The Graduate, Dustin will always be young.


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How does the most handsome male star (in our personal opinion) look like today? Dear ladies, get ready to be amazed!

Forever young Dustin Hoffman still got it!

Today, the legendary actor Dustin Hoffman is already 80. Can you imagine this? Frankly speaking, we can’t!

Looking at Hoffman’s throwback photos, we believe the age has no power over this heartthrob.

Hoffman became a recognized star after his awesome performance in The Graduate, which, by the way, was released on the big screen 50 years ago. That’s a huge milestone, isn’t it?

Young Dustin managed to redefine the look of Hollywood’s leading men, and became a living legend of his generation. 

So, how does the actor look like after 50 years? Fantastic! That is the only answer.




Of course, Hoffman has reached such a tremendous success in his career not only because of his masculine appearance and sexy voice. He's got it all, no doubt! The actor has proved that only hard work can help you reach all your goals and become the one you want to be.

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Today, the Oscar-winning actor is happily married. After almost 40 years of marriage with his beautiful wife, Lisa, Dustin still knows how to keep their chemistry alive.


What a man! If you love Dustin Hoffman as much as we do, and think that he only gets better with age, don’t forget to share your opinion in the comments. Who knows? Maybe, Dustin will read them too.

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