Princess Diana Was A Fashion Icon With An Army Of Fans, But According To A Friend, She Did Not Like Her Own Body

Date August 16, 2018 10:09

Princess Diana was a fashion icon and a role model for millions of women worldwide. Men admired her beauty and style, while young ladies wanted to resemble her.

But it appeared the people’s princess did not like her own body and wanted to look like one popular British actress.

Princess Diana: fashion icon of the entire generation

Every time Princess Diana stepped out in a public, she fascinated everyone with her sense of style and natural grace.

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Diana had a rare ability to communicate with her clothing. Unlike most women in the royal family, Diana did not wear gloves (with rare exceptions), as she liked to hold people hands while greeting them.

Of course, Diana could afford herself to dress up from the most famous and outstanding designers, but she didn’t need it actually to look great. Her outfits were always simple, elegant, and classy.



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 Just remember her iconic ‘revenge dress' that she wore on the night Prince Charles admitted his infidelity. Breathtaking!

Diana didn’t like her own body?

In his book dedicated to the life of late Princess Diana, a Russian author Dmitrij Medvedev refers to the words of one of Diana’s friends, Simone Simmons.

The author wrote that according to Simmons, Diana did not like her own body and wanted to look like one famous British actress and model.

Diana did not like her own body. She thought her hips were too narrow, her feet were large, and she didn’t like her crooked nose. Diana wanted to look like a popular British actress, Audrey Hepburn, or, at least, to have the same seductive body as Marilyn Monroe had. The princess thought Monroe’s figure was perfect in all senses. 35-year-old Diana once said: ‘I’ve always dreamed of having the same flat belly and thin waist as Marylyn’s.’

Can you imagine that Princess Diana wanted to resemble somebody else? On the other hand, it’s typical for all women to doubt the way they look. Royals are not the exception.

In our opinion, Diana had always been on top. If you are looking for inspiration, she is a perfect match.

For many years, the people’s princess kept on inspiring a lot of women with her simple and elegant style. She inspires us even now, years after her sad passing. The one thing we all definitely love about Diana is her perfect smile. It helped her shine like a diamond. So, keep smiling, ladies!

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