God Save The Queen! Remembering Queen Elizabeth's Coronation 65 Years Ago

Date June 5, 2018

God save the Queen! 65 years ago, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth was crowned and officially became the ruling monarch of the United Kingdom.


Happy anniversary to Her Majesty!

65 years ago on June 2, Queen Elizabeth ascended the British throne. She was just 25 years old. Technically, Her Majesty became the Queen 66 years ago after her father’s demise, but the official coronation came only one year later.

It was the first in history coronation which was televised and broadcasted in 129 countries on different languages. The historical event took place at Westminster Abbey.

Queen Elizabeth was crowned with the same St. Edward’s Crown that her father, King George VI, was crowned with 16 years before. 

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Her Majesty wore a gorgeous gown made of a white satin, richly embroidered with national emblems in gold and silver thread. 

An interesting fact! The Queen’s son, 4-year-old Prince Charles, was the first child to attend his mother’s coronation. In honor of the remarkable day, Clarence House released a sweet photo on Instagram featuring the royal family during their traditional appearance on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

Our congratulations to Queen Elizabeth on her anniversary! We wish Her Majesty many happy and healthy years.​​​​​​​

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Queen Elizabeth