J.Lo's New "Rapunzel Look" Stunned Everyone At 2018 Billboard Latin Music Awards

Date May 4, 2018 10:38

J.Lo once again made a dazzling public appearance at the 2018 Billboard Latin Music Awards this time. The singer most likely launched a new trend – “Rapunzel look.” Jennifer’s hair was pretty much longer than her dress!

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Perfect Jennifer

It’s not news that J.Lo occasionally loves to look sexy and daring. The singer is now 48 years old, but it seems that the age doesn’t bother her at all. She has a perfect body, so why should she stop showing it off?


Публикация от Jennifer Lopez (@jlo)

J.Lo is really vocal about the importance of healthy diet and regular exercises. Not only does this combination improve one’s physical health and body shape, but it also contributes to mental health. And it is true! Scientists have proven that physical activity and what we eat affect our mood.

J.Lo on the red carpet

And indeed, J.Lo looked flawless on the red carpet! She wore a magnificent, sequined, lilac, long-sleeved dress by David Koma with matching cutch and open-toe stilettos.


Публикация от Jennifer Lopez (@jlo)

Did you notice that her hair is actually longer than the hem of her dress? Jennifer never ceases to amaze us with her looks! True diva!

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Публикация от Jennifer Lopez (@jlo)

Should we call this new trend a “Rapunzel look”? Fabulous Jennifer Lopez definitely heated up that evening.


Публикация от Jennifer Lopez (@jlo)

Beauty secret

So, how can one achieve such an impeccable appearance? J.Lo stresses on the importance of her strict diet and fitness plans. However, the singer believes that the whole lifestyle is a key to a perfect body.

J.Lo never smokes, never drinks coffee, always stays hydrated, and rarely drinks alcohol. Every day, she spends tons of energy and rests on very rare occasions – a truly hard-working person.

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