Before Starring In Celebrity Masterchef, Zandra Rhodes Had A-List Clients Including Princess Diana, Elizabeth Taylor And The Queen Band

Date September 17, 2019 17:59

You may recognize Zandra Rhodes from Celebrity Masterchef. But long before that, she has built a strong career for herself catering to the fashion needs of some of the biggest celebrities.

Zandra is a fashion designer who uses printed textiles as a major part of the garments she made. She opened her first store in 1967 and in a few short years, she found herself at the forefront of British fashion.

People loved her colorful, bold and dynamic prints so her creations won her several awards including being elected as Designer of the Year in 1972.

Her A-list clients

The fashion icon enjoys a lowkey lifestyle and from looking at her, it may be hard to believe that she has worked with some of the biggest and the brightest stars.

The 78-year-old British designer has collaborated with many famous faces, the most notable of which has to be Princess Diana. She has also worked with celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor and has created costumes of Freddie Mercury and Brian May of the band Queen.

In addition, Dame Zandra has collaborated with major brands like Marks and Spencers to create a jewelry range and upmarket collection.

Zandra is known for her eccentric personal style which may be why some wouldn't expect that she would have worked with members of the royal family.

According to the UK Sun, these days, Zandra is focused on teaching about fashion. She also became one of the 20 celebrities who signed up to appear on Celebrity MasterChef.

Some fun facts

KPBS revealed some fun info about Zandra that give people more insight into her life. For example, she is known to sleep in her makeup and prefers to spend money on arts rather than clothes.

It was also revealed that her signature pink hair was once green.

Dame Zandra seems like such a fascinating woman and it's clear that her clients thought so too.