Thomas Markle Is Trying Hard To "Keep His Nose Clean" To Get Back Into Meghan's Good Books, Royal Biographer Believes

Date May 17, 2019

Archie Harrison is remotely the newest addition to the Markle family. Unfortunately, due to past conspiracies of Meghan's father, it seems he wouldn't be able to meet his grandpa ever. However, reconciliation attempts have become more frequent.


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In the latest interview, the half-sister of Duchess of Sussex, Samantha, gave remarks on the Royal baby's birth. She got very emotional and spoke to Mirror UK in a begging manner. Her request demanded that Meghan should now let her dad meet Archie. Samantha insisted that he will be a doting granddad who'd bring his sweet grandson toys and would play with him.


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Trying to regain his daughter's trust

It's been a while since we saw Thomas Markle on TV. There is not a sound from his side and only Samantha is lobbying for him. According to the royal biographer, Andrew Morton, Thomas is trying his best to find his way back into Meghan Markle's good books. How did he get to this conclusion?


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Morton explained to Yahoo UK how Mr. Markle could be changing for the better and probably for his grandchild. He revealed how he is "keeping his nose clean":

He [Thomas] had been approached by Italian, French and German and other TV channels to talk about his relationship with Meghan or non-relationship, and he turned them down.


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His ex-wife says otherwise

Thomas Markle's current efforts almost seemed believable until we accounted for his ex-wife's testimony. Rosalyn had confided in Mirror Online that her ex was in fact "awful". Samantha and Thomas Jr.'s mom said about their father that he cheated on her multiple times and was verbally abusive. Moreover, he refused to support his children, even for food.

On numerous occasions, Thomas has proved that it's very unlikely for him to become a great granddad. Could Meghan Markle ever forgive him? Maybe she sees it all more clearly than we ever can.